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The Museum


The Museum has a long and rich tradition as a setting for live performances of music. It started at the time when the Museum moved into the historic outbuilding of a stately home made available by the town authorities of Pruszków. Soon enough proper use was made of the handsome Orangery forming part of the Museum building – as a concert venue with all the necessary advantages – the right size, especially its lofty ceiling, excellent acoustics, suited particularly for performing and enjoying chamber music.

The first concerts were held in the Orangery in 1991 at the initiative of the I. J. Paderewski Music Society of Pruszków. Ever since the musical encounters held at this venue have been a regular item in the cultural diary of our town. After several years’ cooperation with the MSP the Museum was ready to hold concerts on its own, organized within thematic cycles corresponding to the four seasons. In this way the music lovers of Pruszków were given
an excellent opportunity to enjoy music created by outstanding artists from Poland and abroad.

The programme of the concert cycle has included chamber music, jazz, encounters with stage song and music-and-poetry nights. By the autumn of 2015 more than 500 concerts have been held in the Museum Orangery.

The Museum has in its keeping an antique piano manufactured in 1830 at Königsberg by Carl Julius Gebauhr. This contemporary of Frederic Chopin is one of the oldest instruments built by the company, and at the same time, a typical representative of the ornate pianos of that age.

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