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The Museum


The Museum is housed in a historic outbuilding in the Classicist style which with the nearby stately house and the park forms part of the well planned out grounds of the Potulicki family country estate (last owners of the estate).

The two oldest fragments of the Museum building date back to the second half of the 19th century, its central part – to the early 20th century. The northern part which now houses the exhibition rooms, the Reading Room and some of the studies – was used originally for housekeeping and domestic purposes. Found in the southern area of the building is the Orangery, used at some time also as a coach house. The tower of the Museum building graced by a weather vane in the shape of a rooster used to hold water tanks.

The northern part of the building is in a style characteristic for the Alpine architecture of Tyrol, with some fine wood-carved detail, best observed from the side of the pergola and the park. Nearby to the office building is also an ice house (built to supply the residents of the great house), one of the few smaller outbuildings of the estate that still survive to our day.
The brick vault of the ice house is an architectural feature unique in the region of Mazovia.