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The Museum


In the wake of one of the most significant discoveries made in the Polish archaeology after the war the Museum opened on 1 June 1975. During a series of surface surveys made in 1968–1975 Stefan Woyda had identified the remains of one of the largest centres of iron metallurgy of the barbarian world from the turn of the 1st millennium – the Mazovian Centre of Metallurgy.

The decision to establish the Museum in Pruszków was dictated by this town’s location at the centre of the area covered by the archaeological research. The Museum was housed in the historic outbuilding of a stately house which soon came under a project of comprehensive renovation and necessary adaptation.

Ever since its foundation the Museum has been making exhaustive surface surveys and regular excavation projects to gain a better understanding of the ancient ironworking centre and to reconstruct the life of the local communities.
Over the years the Museum has organized many exhibitions, talks, concerts, encounters and workshops.

The patron of the Museum is Stefan Woyda – its founder and first Director (1975-2006).