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The Museum


Recent years have been a watershed for the Museum. In 2010–2012 its building came under a comprehensive overhaul. This required the Museum team to tackle many logistically challenging tasks and make a major effort to organize the move of the staff and all of the collections to a temporary building (2011–2012), make an appraisal of the Museum’s past performance and design new programmes for its future activity. Also at this time the Museum
team set about developing a new permanent (core) exhibition, pursuing all the while parallel their regular activities in research, education and publication at full power.

In 2013 the permanent exhibition entered an advanced stage of production and installation. The following year brought two major challenges – the completion of the work on the core display and the construction in the Museum Garden of a modern storage facility for the collections.

The Museum that has emerged from all this hard work is a progressive institution of culture, adapted to the needs of its disabled visitors, well prepared to display daily its unique collection of artefacts in what is one of the most modern archaeological exhibitions in Poland – Daybreak – the Mazovian Centre of Metallurgy from the turn of the eras. Its ambition is to pursue a wide-ranging spectrum of activities – scholarly, educational and cultural.

The renovation of the Museum building, construction of the new storage facility for the collections and developing the new core exhibition were all funded by the urban municipality of Pruszków.