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Museum Classes, workshops, presentations

Our offer is addressed to schoolchildren and schoolteachers (pre-school, primary school, middle school and high school level). Educational activities may take the form of popular-science lectures, talks, Discussions, workshops, experiments and presentations (re-enactments).

Please make sure to find out more about custom-made activities offered by the Museum.

Museum classes and workshops can be adapted to the requirements of school groups, non-formal and family groups. We give classes to children, teenagers, adults, and to groups of visitors with special needs.

The Museum organizes experimental iron smelts in the form of multidisciplinary presentations (May to September). The presentations can have the form of a full re-enactment of the daily life of the ancient ironworkers of Mazovia (tools, costume, everyday utensils) complemented by a popular-science commentary. 

Prices charged for presentations and special workshops are arranged individually. For details please apply to The Education and Publications Department: +48 22 758 72 66 ext. 14. Please note that take account of the busy schedule of the Museum team, and the need to see to the presenters, the logistics and the equipment it is best to make the booking and arrangements a few weeks (workshop) and a few months (re-enactment of an iron smelt) in advance.